Eye Floaters Cure

How I got rid of my eye floaters

How I finally got rid of my eye floaters

Hi, Kate here,

I’d like to share with you today how I finally cured my eye floaters after having tried lots of different eye drops and pills.

First off I suggest you take a look at the official website of the therapeutic system that helped me to get rid of my eye floaters.

Click here to visit the official website of the treatment that finally cured my eye floaters.

I have suffered from eye floaters since age twenty and eventually, it kept getting worse and worse. At first it was only a couple of small dots but over time it degenerated and my field of vision ended up full of threads, dots and webs floating around.

I had my eyes checked several times and the specialists said they were okay and there was no need to have my floaters removed by surgery, as it was an unnecessary risk. My floaters were really annoying and they were holding me back from doing the things I really love.

A  couple months ago I came across a natural eye floaters cure on an alternative medicine forum. Out of frustration I decided to give it a try and it turned out to be amazing. In a week I noticed that my floaters were progressively disappearing. Today my eye floaters are almost gone, I only see them when I look at the sky. I’m glad I can finally lead a normal life again.

Click here to see how I got rid of my eye floaters

If you suffer from eye floaters I highly recommend you try this eye floaters cure. It’s natural and you have nothing to lose.

Hope my webpage has helped you.

Do not hesitate to contact me if you have any question, I’ll be more than happy to help you.


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Four useful tips to reduce eye floaters


Here are some tricks that helped me drastically reduce my eye floaters.

water eye floaters

  • Drik a lot of water: At least 8 glasses every day. It is scientifically proven that it creates a supply of water to nourish and lubricate your eyes. It also prevents the vitreous humor to break down, remaining in its original consistency.
  • Antioxidants: It is also proven that antioxidants help reduce eye floaters. They enhance the supply of nutrients that the retina recieves. It reduces the interocular pressure as well, which is the fluid pressure inside the eye, reducing the prevalence of eye floaters. The one I recommend is Blueberry, although you can find some more out there.

Getting rid of eye floaters is easier than it seems, although there are some more things you must take into account because if you are doing it wrong it might just not work.
I recommend you take a look at this to see how I got rid of my eye floaters.

Thanks for checking out my blog,


Eye floaters cure

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Some FAQ about eye floaters

Most people see floaters some time during their lives, although they are more common in people who are nearsighted, have diabetes or who have had a cataract operation.


What are eye floaters?

Most of the interior of your eye is filled with vitreous, a clear substance. Eye floaters are small bits of debris floating in the vitreous. They may appear as spots, hair or bits of string that dart into your field of vision. Although they can be bothersome, eye floaters in your eye are usually not a serious problem and don’t require treatment.

When are eye floaters and flashes a medical emergency?

A sudden onset of flashes of light or a large number of floaters could be symptoms of an emergency, specially if you also see flashes of light. It could mean that the vitreous is pulling away from your retina or that the retina itself is becoming dislodged from the inner back of the eye. These conditions are sight-threatening and should be treated immediately.

What causes eye floaters?

Floaters occur as part of the natural ageing process. They tend to occur in people who are over 50. Floaters can also be a symptom of a posterior vitreous detachment. Floaters may also be caused by an infection or an eye injury.

Is there any solution?

Vitrectomy may be successful, although it’s a very risky, expensive surgery. This technique involves draining the fluid from the eye and then refill it with a special saline solution similar to the liquid being removed.

Laser treatment is less risky than vitrectomy (90% success rate) but it doesn’t completely eliminate eye floaters.

There’s also a natural, non-surgical alternative to eye floaters. Click here to visit the official website!

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Eye Floaters, PVD and Retinal detatchment

I found an interesting video that I’d like to share with you. Remember to see a retinal surgeon if you ever experience this. You could lose your vision if not treated.

Keep in mind that eye floaters don’t usually have anything to do with PVDs or anything like that, but remember to visit a specialist immediately if you notice any symptom because you could lose your vision in a few hours. It’s considered a medical emergency.

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Floaters can lead to blindness

Eye floaters and flashes of light can lead to blindness if they appear suddenly. They might be caused by a retinal detachment, which is a medical emergency. However, this doesn’t happen very commony and you shouldn’t be worried about it, just be aware of it.
I highly suggest you take a look at these websites:
Retinal Detachment
Facts About Floaters
How to Prevent, Cure and Treat Eye Floaters

Eye floaters cure

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Who am I?

Hi there, my name is Kate Black and I am 46 years old. When I was about twenty I developed floaters in both eyes. I even considered looking into surgery to have them removed. I decided to create this blog to share with you how I got rid of my eye floaters. Read more